Child Safety

Child Safety

Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most amazing, shocking, overwhelming and wonderful experiences of your life. Once the initial shock wears off, so many other emotions can start to creep in. Some of those emotions can be fear and anxiety. Will my child be healthy? Will their bedding be safe? How do I choose the right pediatrician? Am I eating well for the child I am creating? Will I cover all my power outlets correctly? Will my vehicle be safe enough for my child? There are sooo many questions and SOOO many different (and varying) answers.

At Trinity Auto Haus, our co-owners and fellow Waco, TX community members, Brian and Sarah Jesko have two children of their own and are familiar with all the feelings mentioned above (times TWO)! If you are an expectant parent or plan to be one someday, we want to help ease your mind with some of the information that we have on child safety and vehicles.

What we do know is this... in today’s day and age, hospitals in Texas and most of the United States won’t even allow you to take your infant baby home unless there is safe and reliable transportation for your adorable brand-new baby girl or boy! That’s how important vehicle safety is for children. There are actual laws that prevent hospitals from allowing babies to leave without a safe and non-expired car seat.

In our beautiful state of Texas the laws state that once that sweet bundle of joy leaves the hospital they will have to remain in a 5 point harness backward facing car seat until age one and at least 20 pounds! At this point the baby can remain in the same car seat, however can then face forward facing. These awesome toddlers will then stay in the forward facing, 5 point harness car seat until age 4 and at least 40 pounds… until finally they are allowed to be in a booster seat!

Once your child is old enough and weighs enough to move on to a booster seat, they will have to remain in one until they can safely sit in a shoulder/lap belt without it being loose on them. This will generally take a child to the age of 10-12 years old or 4 feet 9 inches. Times have certainly changed within the last 20 years!

Child safety is so important in the state of Texas that the driver will be fined between $25.00 and $250.00 the first time they are caught disregarding the child safety laws! This is actually inexpensive compared to a first-time penalty in California where the MINIMUM amount fined is $475.00.

If you are pregnant, have children or are thinking of having children we would love to give you a complimentary digital vehicle inspection at Trinity Auto Haus. We want to calm your anxieties and let you know that you’re doing great! Parenting is hard but with Trinity Auto Haus as part of your support team, we want you to rest assured that your vehicle can be as safe as possible.

Congratulations parents (or soon to be parents) on already loving your precious babies so much that their safety is your number one priority. They’re lucky to have such amazing parents. We’re all in this together!

Written by Trinity Auto Haus