Is it Safe to Drive Your Car With an EVAP Leak?

A lot happens in your average motoring day and it's easy to let that engine light go unchecked. Mornings can be a panic of bundling kids into the car, negotiating traffic, stopping to refuel, and hopefully making it to work on time. That engine light on the dash may well take a back seat. After all, it could mean a lot of things, and perhaps even nothing. If it indicates an EVAP leak, then it's most likely safe for you to keep driving, but safer for you to get it fixed right away.

What's an EVAP leak?

EVAP expanded stands for evaporative emission control system. The job of the EVAP is to contain any fumes produced by the gasoline in your car. The EVAP prevents these fumes from escaping into the environment in the form of emissions, and also into the interior of your car. For this reason, a loose fuel cap is one common cause of an EVAP leak.

Signs your EVAP may have a leak include:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Smell of gasoline
  • Engine won't start
  • Fuel efficiency is down
  • Engine idles or performs poorly

  • As the above signs could also be an indication of other vehicle issues, the wisest option at this point is to check in with your mechanic for a professional diagnosis.

    Is it safe to drive with an EVAP leak?

    It's safe in terms of your car's functioning, but not entirely safe for the environment. Whether you're an avid recycler or an all-out eco-warrior I'm presuming you're attuned to the fact that our cars pollute. In fact, around a fifth of all vehicle pollution is caused by EVAP leak emissions.

    Your family's safety on the road is paramount of course, but this safety extends beyond the solidity of our car bodies and into the atmosphere around us. It is considerably safer for the environment and therefore ourselves to fix an EVAP leak right away. Breathe easier knowing you've attended to any warning signs with a trip to the EVAP leak professionals. If you need EVAP leak repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!

    Written by Trinity Auto Haus