Preparing Your Vehicle for Seasonal Changes

With each season that passes, we see different weather conditions and their effect on our vehicles. When it comes to moving into a new season, there are certain measures that are recommended that will prepare your car for the seasonal and weather changes.

Since we are nearing the end of summer and changing into fall, it is important to take note of the following tips that will help you and your vehicle be prepared for the upcoming season:

  • Inspect your tires - Tires should have good tread and have the proper tire pressure and wheel alignment. Bad tires can be dangerous, especially in certain weather conditions, so taking care of this before the rain falls is vital.
  • Have all of your vehicle's fluids inspected - Fluids are always extremely important, and should be looked at after the summer season. Very warm weather conditions can actually speed up the wearing down of fluids, so checking to make sure they are topped off and clean will help you avoid major damage that can be caused by low fluid.
  • Change your windshield wipers - we recommend changing your windshield wipers twice a year, once before spring and once after summer. Summer heat can damage your windshield wipers, and with the rain on its way, you will need new ones to see clearly and drive safely.
  • Schedule your next vehicle inspection - A great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming fall season is to have your vehicle inspected by one of the experts here at Trinity Auto Haus. We will determine if anything needs to be addressed now and give you tips on maintenance throughout the season.

  • The recommendations listed above will make sure that your car is ready for anything that the upcoming fall season brings your way. If it's time for any of these services or your vehicle is due for an inspection, give us a call here at Trinity Auto Haus today!

    Written by Trinity Auto Haus