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Noticed Signs of Suspension Issues?

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3 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair Services

As every Texan already knows, there are a lot of rough roads in the Lone Star State. If your car has suspension issues, you’re guaranteed to feel every bump in the road. But how do you know if you need suspension repair? Never fear. The ASE-certified mechanics at Trinity Auto Haus in China Spring, Waco, Texas, are here to explain three signs your car needs suspension services.

  • 1. Car Pulls to One Side While Driving

    Is your vehicle constantly pulling to one side when you’re behind the wheel? Faulty shock absorbers can cause this problem. If your shocks are worn out, they can no longer stabilize your car against the centrifugal force when you’re going around a tight turn. This can increase your risk of rolling over. If you notice this issue, bring your car to a quality automotive repair shop right away.

  • 2. One Corner Sitting Low

    Another sign that your car needs suspension repair is if one of its corners is sitting a lot lower than the others. If this is the case, your car probably has damaged or worn-out springs. Another symptom of this problem is if you notice clunking noises as you drive over bumps.

    To check if your car needs new coil springs, push its front end down with your body. If you hear squealing or creaking, make an auto repair appointment as soon as possible.

  • 3. Feeling Every Bump in the Road

    One of the suspension system’s main responsibilities is to make your ride smooth and comfortable. A clear sign that something is wrong with your suspension is if you feel every bump in the road. Call our auto repair shop today if your ride is rougher than normal.

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Call the ASE-certified mechanics at Trinity Auto Haus in China Spring, Waco, Texas today if you notice any of these issues. We have been the area’s trusted car care provider since 2011. Our team will inspect, diagnose, and repair the problem as soon as possible. To schedule your appointment, call us today at (254) 300-4557.

Written by Trinity Auto Haus