Summer Road Trip Inspections

Summer Road Trip Inspections

Summer is here! So now what? There are tons of ideas for fun summer vacations, but not enough time to do them all. So, which one do you choose and where do you start to begin to decide?

Currently, a favorite summer vacation is a "staycation." A staycation is a great option for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that we all have so many awesome things to do in our own little part of the world! With so many daily, "life" obligations, we rarely get to experience adventures that are right in our own backyard. The pros to this are that you save money by cutting out the cost of travel and lodging. You can also save funds by eating a minimum of one meal a day at home and packing a brown bag for lunch. You can visit your local aquarium, pack up a picnic and enjoy a local day out at a park or go swimming in your pool! A negative to this very trendy "staycation" is that you're still making your own bed each morning, still cleaning up after your breakfast dishes, and, quite possibly, still trying to relieve your children of the "but mommmmm, I’m sooooo boredddd” whining (3 minutes after arriving home from a fun filled day).

There are of course amazing vacations to be had overseas or on tropical Islands. There are so many unusual places to fly to, right in our own United States! There's a vast world out there, and there's so much of it to be explored and traveled. A negative to this is cost. An average family of 5 will need five plane tickets, five baggage fees, a rental car, three meals a day (times 5), souvenirs and activity money. All of which can add up fast.

Here at Trinity Auto Haus, we love to see all that our Waco community has to offer. We also love to travel the world! However, the most cost-effective, yet action-packed adventure that we can think of is a good, old-fashioned road trip! How many states can you visit in a week? How many state parks are you able to explore with your loved ones? By taking the cost of airplane tickets and rental cars out of the equation, you can free up money for adventure - for memories with your favorite people!

When taking a summer road trip, Trinity Auto Haus highly recommends that you schedule an appointment with us to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before braving the long roads filled with beautiful sights. We also recommend packing up a ton of yummy and healthy goodies to bring along the way. Buying in bulk will help avoid costly stops at gas stations. One of our favorite road trip snacks are grapes! They keep you hydrated in the summer heat but don't hydrate you too much to cause frequent bathroom stops. For us, there’s no better place to be than with our loved ones, so get your car road-trip ready, pack up your camera, invest in good sunscreen and have fun seeking out some new adventures to turn into memories. We’ll see you before you hit the road!

Written by Trinity Auto Haus