What is a Collapsed Car Hose?

Your vehicle has many different hoses working throughout to ensure that fluids are properly pressurized and circulated. When a hose collapses, this is usually a reference to the radiator hose. A collapsed hose basically means that it appears to have sunken or caved in.

A radiator hose can collapse for a number of different reasons. A faulty radiator cap is one culprit. If the radiator cap is not releasing pressure, it can cause a vacuum to develop which can lead to the collapse of the radiator hose. Another potential problem is a blocked overflow hose, which can also create a vacuum due to a clog somewhere in the system.

The overall condition of the hose plays a part too, because a new hose won't necessarily be affected by a create vacuum. It is older and more fragile hoses that will be affected, which will need to be replaced.

Some hoses also have wire reinforcement woven into rubber of the body of your car, and if that reinforcement wire is faulty, this can also cause a weak spot in a hose to collapse. Regardless of the cause, a collapsed hose can significantly affect the flow of coolant and other fluids, putting your engine at risk for overheating as well as other components depending on the hose.

As soon as you notice a problem with your vehicle or if you suspect that you have a collapsed hose, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Trinity Auto Haus for an inspection and we can help identify the correct cause of the problem for you in no time.

Written by Trinity Auto Haus