Why is There Smoke Coming from Underneath My Car’s Hood?

It is common for a car to smoke when you start it after it sits out for the night. Although it might indicate minor car troubles, smoke underneath the car hood might indicate significant car troubles that should be addressed with urgency. In most cases, drivers notice the smoke when suiting in idle at a stoplight or turning off the engine while parked. The amount, color, and smell of the smoke vary depending on the reason for the smoking. What are some of the possible reasons for a smoking car?

Oil Spillage

Oil spillage outside the engine might trigger smoking underneath the hood. When filling the gas tank, oil might oil outside onto the crankcase. Although the spillage might not lead to any significant harm, it causes smoking with a harsh oily smell, which burns off eventually without any damage. However, m if the spills are regular without cleaning up, some plastic or rubber parts might break down due to being submerged in the oil for long durations.

A Leaking Coolant

A leakage in the coolant overflow tank might trigger steam from underneath the hood. There are occasional puffs from the leaked or burnt power steering or transmission fluid, which produces a smoke cloud with a chemical odor.

The Oil Filler Cap

Older engines often experience white smoke from the hood. The old engines' filler releases a faint whiff of smoke, which is residue for burnt fuel inside the engine. Older engines trigger more hot spots that trigger smoking in the hood.

White smoke from the engine is indicative of engine troubles. It might be triggered by a coolant in the combustion chamber, a leaking head gasket, or a cracked engine block, among others. If there is overheating, urgent mechanics intervention is required to prevent severe and irreversible damages. A fuel smell might also indicate significant troubles with the fuel system controls, which require a proper diagnosis for the technicians for proper readjustments and repairs.

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Written by Trinity Auto Haus